Sound, Lighting and Backline at Chateau La Tour Vaucros

Choosing Château La Tour Vaucros for your wedding venue is a nod to the elegant and tranquil Provence countryside. It’s all about bringing that dreamy French chateau vibe into your big day without the fuss. If you’re coming from the UK and aiming for a destination wedding that combines charm with simplicity, we’ve got your back.

Sound That Matches Your Style

Your wedding soundtrack is crucial. It sets the tone from your walk down the aisle to the last dance. Our sound system setup is all about being there without being seen. It’s high-quality, adaptable, and ensures that whether it’s the exchange of vows or the background music at your reception, everything sounds just right.

Lighting That Transforms

As the day turns to night, our lighting comes into play. Think of it as mood lighting for the different chapters of your celebration. Starting with ambient lights that highlight the chateau’s features, we then switch gears to something more festive for the party after dinner. Plus, our festoon lights create the perfect romantic glow for your evening meal.

Live Music Made Easy

If you’re planning to have a band or DJ, especially if they’re flying in with you, we handle all the technical stuff. From backline to instruments, we ensure the music side of things is sorted, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about. Our team speaks your language, both literally and figuratively, making coordination smooth and straightforward.

Why Us?

We get the challenges of planning a wedding from afar. That’s why we offer a no-nonsense, comprehensive service that covers sound, lighting, and live music needs. Trusted by top wedding planners and with a wealth of experience in destination weddings, we’re here to make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Choosing Château La Tour Vaucros in Provence is about more than just a beautiful location; it’s about creating a day that reflects your style and story. Our goal is to add to that story by ensuring the atmosphere is exactly as you’ve imagined, from dawn till dusk.

Let’s make your wedding not just an event, but a reflection of the ease and beauty of Provence, with a bit of British practicality mixed in.

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